Don't fear, CBS hasn't decided to bring over Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from ABC, but instead has picked up a new comedy pilot called Single White Millionaire, from writer Ricky Blitt. This is Family Guy alum Blitt's second attempt at a comedy, the first being a short-lived sitcom called The Winner, which starred Rob Corddry and was developed with Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane. SWM is about a millionaire who is ready to get serious and settle down, which I'm sure will not go as well as he had planned.

Hopefully, this time Blitt will strike gold on CBS, where sitcoms still live, breathe and sometimes even last (sorta). Also on CBS' order slate are the following dramas: The Mentalist, Ny-Lon, Mythological X and Can Openers. - Erin Fox

Do you think people want to watch a show about a millionaire who is unlucky in love?

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