Kenneth Mitchell and Skeet Ulrich in Jericho courtesy CBS Kenneth Mitchell and Skeet Ulrich in Jericho courtesy CBS
Jericho fans are proving to be da bomb at

marshalling their resources. The monstrous

public outcry surrounding the show's cancelation prompted CBS' entertainment president Nina Tassler to take the unusual step of posting the following message at over the weekend... To the fans of Jericho:

We have read your emails over the past few days and have been touched by the depth and passion with which you have expressed your disappointment. Please know that canceling a television series is a very difficult decision. Hundreds of people at the Network, the production company and the incredibly-talented creative team worked very hard to build and serve the community for this show — both on-air and online. It is a show we loved too.

Thank you for supporting Jericho with such passion. We truly appreciate the commitment you made to the series and we are humbled by your disappointment. In the coming weeks, we hope to develop a way to provide closure to the compelling drama that was the Jericho story.


Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment
OK, Jericho fans, how would you like your closure served? In the form of a TV movie? A miniseries? A 300-word essay from producers? An Off Broadway show? Post your ideas in the comments section below. Clearly, CBS is paying attention.