David Caruso David Caruso

It looks like the case of CSI: Miami... (David Caruso removes glasses here) .. is coming to an end after 10 seasons.

Insiders tell TV Guide Magazine that CBS will announce this week that Miami, the second in the CSI franchise, has been canceled — but that the original and NY versions are safe. The move is not a huge surprise; CBS almost canceled one of the shows last year as well, but the two CSI spinoffs earned a last-minute reprieve.

Not this year. CBS has an embarrassment of riches on its schedule, and could afford to let one of the CSIs go, even though they still perform well for the network. At 10 seasons, CSI: Miami is an expensive show to produce, and it has already minted more than enough backend syndication money for all involved.

CSI: Miami debuted in September 2002 and will have aired more than 230 episodes. Sources say there are no plans to shop it elsewhere. Will you miss Horatio Caine and crew?

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