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Finding true love is hard. Finding true love on TV — as demonstrated by reality shows like The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, etc. — might be even harder. But the women of TV's latest romance-based reality series, CBS' 3, are not fazed by the history books. In this new series, premiering Thursday at 10/9c, three very different women band together to try to find Mr. Right among 100 possible suitors. The women include 34-year-old Rachel Harley, a widow with two young children; 29-year-old April Francis, a career woman who wants to be a mom,; and 24-year-old Libby Lopez, a model who is steadfast in her religious beliefs.  So why did these three beautiful single women want to date on TV? Rachel, April and Libby talked to about all that and more.

CBS reveals cast for dating series 3

On why they wanted to go on a reality dating show
It's just dating. Why not have somebody do the leg work for you? We had a 100 solid guys walk through the door. .... I work from home and in fashion, so it's not easy to meet people.
Rachel: I had two kids at home, so dating is time-consuming. I don't have time to, or want to, leave my kids with babysitters all the time for people I don't know.
Libby: [I live in] a small town [where] everyone knows everyone and everyone's dated. You always know someone that someone else dated, so I wanted something fresh with someone I didn't know anything about. I wanted to start from scratch.

On how 3 is different from other dating shows
In the real world, you have your girlfriends with you to talk about life and to talk about dating. And I think for us, we had the three of us to do that and to have each other's support, guidance and feedback. With the guys, they were able to give us feedback as well and tells us if they were or weren't interested, which I think is really great because nobody wants to be led on.
April: My best friend lives in Israel and she had seen the original and she said it was incredible. She said the women were portrayed as highly intelligent and very self-aware.

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On dating in front of the cameras
Libby: I think everyone that we met was kind-hearted, so if something wasn't going to go somewhere, that honesty was there. I don't think it was hard having the cameras around because what's meant to be is meant to be. ... I've been modeling for seven years, so it was working in my favor to have cameras.
Rachel: Cameras to me were a nervous, disastrous mess until the very end. ...  I do hold my marriage and my husband's legacy very close to my heart, so ... I just think if I wasn't fully committed or knowing that that person was the right person for me, I didn't feel that I needed to publicly display affection to somebody if I wasn't 100 percent feeling it. I did have nervous feelings of, "Oh my gosh, is this guy going to give me a kiss or try to hold my hand?"
April: Kissing on camera is a total bummer. It's gross. Not that it didn't happen, but I am a victim of kissing on camera.
Libby: I think it makes you more aware of your behavior. You have to be careful of what you say or do because what could be recorded could show up. For me personally, I tried to maintain as much ladylike behavior as possible minus the late nights [with] wine.

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On their stand-out dates.
I loved being on the trapeze.
Libby: I loved the traveling because the guys planned the dates themselves. If they wanted it in their hometown, it was. They called the shots.
Rachel: I think I was taken out of my comfort zone a few times. I went hang-gliding on a first date. I went snooba-ing which is snorkeling and scuba-diving mixed in to one. I think being taken out of your comfort zone and having somebody there to help you through it is really amazing.

On what viewers can learn from 3
They will all learn something from at least one of our experiences. I think every viewer can connect to us in some way. Some of our parents are still together, some are divorced.
Rachel: It's not pure happiness, roses and champagne. There's definitely true, raw emotions and realistic points of view on how this date went, what he said, why don't I like this guy more, why I do like this guy so much when I shouldn't. ... Nobody tells us what to say. There are definitely some uncomfortable moments of silence.

On whether they would recommend 3 to their friends
I'd recommend it, but I don't recommend dating multiple guys in the real world. ... I had to keep a journal.
April: I think dating multiple guys in the real world is actually a really good strategy. It's just dating.  ... Dating can be really hard and we struggle with it and we learn a lot about it and that should be communicated on the show. There were a lot of moments that were discoveries.

3 premieres Thursday at 10/9c on CBS.