I only caught the last few minutes of That '70s Show and saw that Eric broke up with Donna. Given that Topher Grace left the show last season, was anyone surprised by this news? The only real question is who will she hook up with now? There aren't that many eligible bachelors in this Wisconsin town.... If I ever write a book, I can be sure that my skin will be thicker than that of Gavin from Stacked. He penned a few pages and was offended to find out that Skyler thought it was dull, among other things. I've been getting prepped for that kind of criticism for a year now with the feedback I get from the Watercooler crew. Not a week goes by that I don't get someone telling me I'm an idiot and have no clue what I'm talking about, and that's not even constructive criticism. Best part of the show? Seeing a big Neil Gaiman poster on the wall promoting his new novel, the geeky comic-book rather, graphic-novel girl in me can't help but think that is just pretty darned cool.... I still think Brian Austin Green is the best thing to ever happen to Freddie. His payment for the $35,000 towel that he gave to Freddie? He wanted his best pal to reenact a moment from his underprivileged childhood when he had to paint himself blue and jump over mushrooms so that his sister could play the Smurfs "video game." Nice. That and his odd obsession with the suit from The Three Amigos just make him so weirdly entertaining.... Now were finally starting to get into some more action on Sleeper Cell. After a couple of episodes that dragged a bit, this one was jam-packed. Killing an Islamic scholar because he promoted peaceful negotiations instead of terrorist acts that kill innocent individuals was harsh. But I really felt for poor Eddy Pangestu, the biochemist kid from Indonesia whom Farik bullied into helping him. First, the kid helps them get the supplies for their anthrax operation and says hes done. Then Farik shows up on his doorstep, ships him off to Canada to retrieve the illegal anthrax, and then kills him and disposes of the body over a cliff when the shipment is accidentally stolen. These are some truly bad guys. If I were Fariks wife, I might be thanking my lucky stars that I hadnt seen him in 18 months, because Ive got a feeling things are nice and peaceful around the old homestead with him out of the picture. Can you imagine what hed do if she left the dishes in the sink? Angel Cohn

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