Breaking news alert: Cate Blanchett is apparently not a cat person.

OK, truthfully, that might not be the case at all, but the actress put an end to a recent on-camera interview for her new film Cinderella when the journalist she was chatting with asked a serious (?) question about a cat featured in the film.

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In the video of the interview, which was conducted for Australia's Network Ten, what starts out as a seemingly run-of-the-mill back-and-forth quickly dissolves into a chat about controlling parents, sex and the two-time Oscar-winner's distaste for beer. "If you want the sex to be good," she says, there is a great potato vodka called Cow that will apparently do the trick. "The beer is just not gonna cut it," she adds.

At that point, things kind of, sort of get back on track with boring questions like "What inspired you to do this role?" before the conversation turns to cats and then ends quite abruptly.

But while this entire exchange may sound painfully awkward, Blanchett's quick wit and dry sense of humor make her a true sight to behold. The line to throw back a few shots of potato vodka with her starts behind us.