Cat Deeley and David Alan Basche Cat Deeley and David Alan Basche

No, those aren't Cat Deeley's real teeth. The So You Think You Can Dance host brings a different meaning to the term "catfish" when she guest stars as an online date for Stuart (David Alan Basche) in a July episode of TV Land's The Exes.

All seems fine at first. "Stuart sees this sweet profile picture with a nice, small, tight-lipped smile," says Basche, "and then we meet in person and she smiles very widely." While others might be able to look past bad teeth, Basche adds, "being a dentist, that goes against everything he stands for."

Deeley spent hours getting those ugly prosthetic chompers glued to her natural pearly whites and had to practice speaking with them. Praises Basche, "It was difficult, but she was a trouper."

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