Casual, one of Hulu's first original series, has been renewed for a fourth and final season, according to Deadline. The half-hour dramedy will return for eight final episodes next year.

Casual stars Michaela Watkins as Valerie, a divorced single mother who moves in with her younger brother Alex (Tommy Dewey), the founder of a dating site who has romantic problems of his own, and Tara Lynn Barr as Laura, Val's teenage daughter. At the end of Season 3, Val moved back into Alex's house after a time away, while Alex found out Rae (Maya Erskine), a woman he hooked up with, is pregnant. Season 3 was notable for having the majority of its episodes directed by women, including Carrie Brownstein, Lake Bell and Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre.

Casual put Hulu on the map as a destination for original content and was the the first Hulu show to earn a series award nomination when it was nominated for comedy series at the 2015 Golden Globes.

"Once more. Impossible to overstate how much I love this show and these people, and how excited I am for this last chapter," star Tommy Dewey tweeted in response to the news.

"Oh yeah. Season 4 babies. Final and what I bet will be our best season yet!" Michaela Watkins tweeted.