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Castle Tip No. 37: Never steal another writer's muse.

Castle exclusive: Lie to Me star sets his sights on Beckett

That's a lesson Lie to Me

star Brendan Hines will learn the hard way when he guest-stars on the ABC drama as Alex Gordon, a young crime novelist and the protégé of Richard Castle (Nathan FIllion).  Rather than shadow Castle for tips on incorporating real police work into his books, Alex would much rather pick the brain of Detective Beckett (Stana Katic). Cue Castle's awkward jealous face.But Tricky Rick isn't going down without a fight. Instead, as you can see in this exclusive first-look video from "The Dead Pool," which airs April 11, Castle invites young Alex to play poker with fellow mystery writers Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane. And as we previously teased, the veterans make quick work of the rookie's ego. (Bonus: The clip also features a tribute to Stephen J. Cannell, the prolific TV producer and novelist who was a regular at Castle's games before he died last year.)

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