Charles Shaughnessy Charles Shaughnessy

The Nanny star Charles Shaughnessy will drop by for an upcoming episode of ABC's crime drama Castle, ABC has confirmed. The actor had tweeted out the news with a YouTube video co-starring his shaggy dog Barrington on Tuesday. 

Mega Buzz: Another Castle hookup on the horizon?

Turns out that after visiting Days of Our Lives to reprise his role as Shane Donovan, Shaughnessy will then hop over to Castle the following week to shoot the episode "The Limey" (Get it? He's British), ABC has confirmed. Shaughnessy will play Nigel Winthrop, the Deputy General at the British Consulate, who Castle and Beckett suspect has more on his agenda than diplomacy and fancy dress-up balls. With that posh accent, we're hoping he'll be a villain.

No air date has been announced for "The Limey" although it's expected to run in early April.

Are you looking forward to seeing Shaughnessy on Castle?