Molly Quinn Molly Quinn

While devilish Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) has been busy solving crimes, angel-faced Molly Quinn has stolen our hearts as the mystery novelist's whip-smart (but refreshingly non-smartass) daughter, Alexis. Here's the evidence in our case for loving her.

1. She's a TV teen who actually makes sense... and is humble about It!
"Alexis is written so well... She's [Castle creator] Andrew Marlowe's 'child,' and I'm happy to portray that," says the 17-year-old, adding that her anti-brat celebrates "kids out there who want to do that crazy teenager stuff but withhold because, honestly, they're smarter than that."

2. She's been raised right.
Quinn says her family is "so normal, it's abnormal. I'm grounded right now because I didn't make curfew last weekend. I have the best parents. And the strictest."

3. She hasn't forgotten her Southern roots.
"I did one pageant in sixth grade and I loved it!" laughs the Texarkana native. "I loved the dresses and the big hair. [Mine] was so big that when I took my bow, it flopped into the air then sat right back down on my head perfectly."

4. She's impressed the best.
"She's everything you can ask for in an actor," gushes Fillion. "Professional, prepared, collaborative, inspiring, clever, enthusiastic, personable and a joy to spend time with. What's unexpected is she has all these qualities at such a young age. Molly, remember me when you are winning Oscars and I'm unemployed."

5. She's the real deal.
"I text a lot!" confesses Quinn, who plans to join Twitter to shut down the fake accounts posing as her online. "I don't want people getting the wrong impression of me."

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