Hilarie Burton Hilarie Burton

Former One Tree Hill hottie Hilarie Burton is become reality star. Sort of. Hilarie, who left her One Tree role as Peyton in 2009 and currently costars on USA's White Collar, has won a guest spot on ABC's Castle as a charismatic reality TV personality named Kay Cappuccio, who to me sounds a lot like a certain Kardashian. ABC's description of the character notes Kay has "achieved significant fame and fortune without possessing any discernible skill or talent — she is famous mostly for being famous." Of course that could also apply to any number of Hiltons or Real Housewives populating our TVs.

The character bio goes on to say, "Her outspoken attitude, good looks and knockout body have made her a favorite of tabloids and gossip websites the world over. Kay both relishes this spotlight and at the same time feels a prisoner of her own celebrity lifestyle — the result is a woman who is more complex than she might at first seem."

More complex than she seems? Well, so much for my Kardashian comparisons. Sure, that was bitchy of me to say, but also fitting considering this episode's cheeky title: "An Embarrassment of Bitches."

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