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The Casting JonBenet Trailer Is Here to Keep You up at Night

Don't watch it alone

Malcolm Venable

Netflix unveiled the full -- and completely unsettling -- trailer for Casting JonBenet Thursday and, well, good luck sleeping tonight.

Casting JonBenet, which is billed as a "documentary hybrid," explores the death of the six-year-old beauty queen who was killed in her Colorado home in 1996. Directed by Kitty Green, it premiered at Sundance in January. It's the result of the filmmaker's 15 months in Boulder, Colorado (JonBenet's hometown) capturing the reactions of residents reflecting on the trial, and its aftermath.

Netflix has released clips previously, but the full trailer provides a greater understanding of how chilling and surreal the actual film will be, as it weaves between spooky reenactments and footage of real people.

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While it looks to be the most haunting take on the murder mystery, it's not the only JonBenet special to arrive in the true-crime era. The Case of: JonBenét Ramseybowed in September of 2016, and not without controversy. JonBenet's family threatened to sue over investigators' assertion that her then 9-year-old brother Burke hit her on the head with a heavy object.

Is that the boy the trailer depicts talking about secrets and violently smashing a watermelon with a heavy object? It's certainly an image that's going to require a lot of puppy videos to rinse away.

Casting JonBenet debuts on Netflix Friday, April 28.