Question: What is wrong with you? I loved Cashmere Mafia! It was so real and honest. Looks much better than Lipstick Jungle.

Answer: Actually, I found Lipstick (premiering Feb. 7) to be the superior Sex and the City rip-off, but that's not saying much since I loathed Cashmere. With the exception of Lindsay Price's vapid and utterly annoying fashion designer a role that should've gone to Melinda Clarke Lipstick's females are more interesting. Come to think of it, Kim Raver's morally conflicted mag editor has more dimensions than all of Cashmere's Barbie dolls combined. And wait until you lay your peepers on her boy toy, played by Fashion House's Robert Buckley (or as I like to call him, Scott Speedman and Jake Gyllenhaal's love child). This is the kind of guy 30 Rock's Frank would go gay for permanently. Lipstick's by no means perfect, though. First there are the tonal problems. The show has to decide whether it's a Brothers & Sisters-type feel-good drama or a fluffy comedy à la Sex and the City. It clearly aspires to be both, but it's failing miserably. And if the first two episodes are any indication, the undercurrent of female empowerment will be about as subtle as a tsunami. And would someone please explain to me what three of the most successful women in New York are doing buying massage oil off the street? Candace Bushnell should be ashamed.