Adventure Time Adventure Time

Traditional kids' cartoons rarely have cliff-hangers, especially ones in which the main characters get transported into alternate realities. But Adventure Time is anything but traditional. The whimsical Cartoon Network series — which is populated with talking candies, partying bears and a flying, Korean-speaking, rainbow-colored unicorn — begins its fifth season Monday (7:30/6:30c) with audacious Finn and his magical dog Jake on the other end of the mysterious portal they leapt through in last month's finale.

"You can't blink, because you'll miss something," creator Pendleton Ward says of our heroes' trippy, existential journey in back-to-back episodes. "I usually like to buffer things out so there's a little breathing room, so the pacing of these episodes is a bit of a departure."

The upcoming season also includes more celebrity guest voices to the Land of Ooo, including Community's Donald Glover and a return visit from Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Gumball. On the top of Ward's guest-star wish list? "Beyoncé. I'm a big fan of 'Single Ladies' and all of her music, really," he says. "I think it would be fun to get Beyoncé on and get her to sing with [friendly vampire queen] Marceline.

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