Candace Bushnell by Jim Spellman/ Candace Bushnell by Jim Spellman/

Look out Gossip Girl - New York's original sexy lady is moving onto your turf.

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has signed on to write two Carrie Bradshaw novels targeted to young adults, Variety reports.

The novels will be set during Carrie's high school years, and HarperCollins Chilrdren's Bray and Bray imprint will begin publishing in the fall of 2010. Bushnell said in a statement that she's "always been interested in exploring Carrie's teenage years," because she claims that's when Carrie "began observing and commenting on the social scene."

The news comes a week before the DVD release of the feature-length Sex and the City movie based on HBO's series. The flick earned $152.6 million at the box office and talk of a sequel is rampant.

Though there's no word on whether younger versions of Carrie's friends will make an appearance in the books, we could totally picture slutty cheerleader Samantha, debate team captain Miranda and goody-goody student body president Charlotte.

Would you like to see this younger Carrie Bradshaw brought to the screen as well? And as Carrie might, we wonder: Can she and her high school-aged friends still meet for cosmos? - Adam Bryant