NBC warned TV Guide Online — and its entire audience, for that matter — never to cross Carolyn Kepcher, Donald Trump's right-hand woman on The Apprentice. But since we're as bull-headed as Sam and as ballsy as Omarosa, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to find out what really tees off the ice queen, who runs two of The Donald's golf clubs. So put on a sweater and read on — we've got chills; they're multiplyin'!

TV Guide Online: You seem like the last woman in the world who would ever stoop to the kind of name-calling nonsense that went on among the female Trump wannabes. Were you mortified by their behavior?
Carolyn Kepcher:
There was one catalyst there. All the arguments stemmed from one person. When she wasn't involved, I think the women worked well together.

TVGO: But enough about Omarosa. What was your reaction to the ladies' reliance on their sexuality to score big?
Their whole premise was "sex sells." Well, guess what? We already know that. Give us something new and innovative that we can work with so we can see your brainpower. In the first four tasks, I didn't see any brainpower; I just saw tight shirts and short skirts.

TVGO: Did you really get a clearer impression of the men's abilities?
I know so much more about the thought processes for the men, even though they lost [so much early on]. I don't think they failed, even though they lost; at least I learned a little bit about them. With the women, by the fifth task, I [still] didn't know who was smarter than the other.

TVGO: Some of them thought they were awfully smart to call Trump a flirt.
I don't know why they would say that, what they were thinking. That's not a good move. They don't see me flirting with him, right?

TVGO: Absolutely not. Is that why you were so tough on Heidi?
[At the point when I confronted her], she was the strongest and toughest of any of the women [who had been axed]. The first three never defended themselves. Omarosa cried, but to her credit, she did defend herself. Heidi's thing was that she was feisty and aggressive, and when it came down, and it was just herself and Troy in the boardroom, she had to show her aggressiveness and feistiness. Let's face it — Troy [was] strong competition. And probably because of her mother['s illness], she just didn't have it.

TVGO: It wasn't a personal attack then.
I like her very much. After the show, I dropped her a note to see how her mother was doing, and she sent a nice note back, and a fruit basket, which I thought was very nice. — Additional reporting by Ben Katner