Carnie Wilson and daughter Lola Carnie Wilson and daughter Lola

From growing up as the daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson to having her gastric bypass surgery broadcast live on the Internet, Carnie Wilson has always been comfortable with living in the public eye — except when it came to naming her new reality show Carnie Wilson: Unstapled.

"At first I went, 'Oh no,' and then I thought, well, that's kind of funny," she says.

Carnie Wilsons gets Unstapled for GSN

"I'm really an open book but this is really, really open," says the 41-year-old host of the Game Show Network's The Newlywed Game of her new reality series on the network. "This is like the glossary, index and everything combined."

The show, premiering Thursday at 8/7c, features the married mother of two at home, in her TV career, and as she starts a baking company. "It's a great message to send out for women, that we can multi-task, we can be a present mom and a present wife and try to keep our sanity," Wilson says.

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Wilson, who is married to musician Rob Bonfiglio, says her main duty is mothering Lola, 4, and Lucy, 11 months. She agreed right after Lucy's birth to do Unstapled before a second season of The Newlywed Game.

"My family comes first, my daughters come first. This is for their future," the former Wilson Phillips singer says. "The minute that there is any awkwardness and uncomfortability, I draw the line. I don't want to exploit the kids."

Carnie Wilson and husband welcome a baby girl

Since the show closely follows the birth, it will also include Wilson's struggle with her weight, alluded to in the show's title. She shed 150 pounds after her gastric bypass surgery in 1999, and kept the weight off until she gained 70 pounds while pregnant with Lola. She then appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and lost 22 pounds.

"This is my struggle forever and I know that," she says of her weight issues. "I just think it's important that I share what's going on, positive and negative, because someone else who's watching is either going through the exact same thing or knows someone that is."

Wilson says she embraces life with open arms and open access to the cameras.

"In my house, we always have a good time," Wilson says. "Even when there's stress, there's love."