Arizona State alum Jeremy Jazwinski is a spring break veteran, so when he headed south for The Real Cancun, he had a well thought out game plan: Girls, girls, girls. Naturally, the producers jumped at the chance to document the aftermath of his one-night stand with castmate Laura Ramsey, not to mention the brutal "guy talk" that came streaming out of his mouth. Since then, the 22-year-old bartender has taken to shouting "I'm not the bad guy!" at random intervals, but he tells TV Guide Online he'd do it all again...

TV Guide Online: Do you have any regrets about things you did in Cancun?
Jeremy Jazwinski:
I don't regret hooking up with girls on film. If no one ever had sex the whole time we were there, that wouldn't be a true portrayal of Cancun. I went there last year with my buddies, and what did they do? They tried to get l--- every night. I more regret the things I said, not so much the sex.

TVGO: Did you censor yourself at all, knowing you were being filmed?
Have you seen the movie? No. I'm cocky, and when I get drunk my mouth shoots off. I saw one clip [when the guys talk about lying to girls] in the gym. That's terrible! Who says stuff like that? That's just guy talk, and I hope people keep an open mind and realize that.

TVGO: What went wrong after you and Laura got it on the first night?
She's a weirdo. We were just completely opposite people. She's from this podunk town. She wants to be an actress — in Wisconsin? And she's uneducated. Those are turnoffs. She was weird about when I would be with other girls. She did have relationships with other guys when I was there. But she'd try to dance with me while I was making out with another girl!

TVGO: How sad. You've been out of school for a year, so how did you find out about this movie?
The casting call was at this bar called ACME Roadhouse. But I didn't even go there to audition; I went to close out my credit card tab, because I'd gotten drunk the night before and left my credit card there!

TVGO: What a whirlwind this must be, then.
Dude, two months ago if you had told me I'd be in New York for a press junket then flying to a Hollywood premiere, I'd be like, "Yeah right, kiss my ass." It's rough in the sense that people are telling us we're going to be famous, but right now we're not making any money [from it].

TVGO: What are your aspirations for life after Cancun?
Now, I think I'm going to go to L.A. I'm only 22. Even if I don't succeed as far as modeling or acting, I can still go home to Arizona and get a real job at 24.