Adam Corolla by Jim Spellman/ Adam Corolla by Jim Spellman/
Adam Carolla may have been voted off of Dancing with the Stars early on in Season 6, but he's got a new move ready. The comedian will cohost the U.S. port of the British car show, Top Gear, alongside racing expert Tanner Faust and Eric Stromer (who's known for his home improvement expertise, on HGTV's Over Your Head). For Carolla, who pulled off the world's first-ever paso doble (or something approximating it) on a unicycle during his Dancing stint, getting in the driver's seat for Top Gear should be a like a Sunday drive. Shooting begins next week - but will you be revving up for this U.S. edition? The first slew of comments suggest that Carolla leaves your engine cold. - Anna Dimond Use our Online Video Guide to rev up for Top Gear.