The Practice's Camryn Manheim — who is three months away from delivering her first child, a boy — has no immediate plans to reveal who the father is. As it is, the Emmy winner is perplexed that anyone really cares.

"People are very fascinated about who the dad is," Manheim tells TV Guide Online. "But it's really not up to me to make the decision to talk about that. I've got nothing to be ashamed of. But until I get the blessing of my son that I can talk about him and about what's going on, I'm keeping it confidential. It's not about just me anymore."

Manheim — whose pregnancy was incorporated into her Practice character's storyline — also can't share her son's moniker because, well, she hasn't settled on one yet. "I have some names floating around," she says. "I hated my name, Debi, so much that at 22 I changed it. I am the artist-formerly-known-as-Debi. So it's important to me that I pick a name for my baby that's unique but not weird."

And you can bet the upcoming star of the ABC-TV movie Kiss My Act (airing April 23) won't be doing any name-dropping with her parents. "They gave all their kids terrible names, and I'm still angry about it," she reveals. "When they say, 'What about Herman?' I say, 'You don't get to make any decisions. You have terrible taste.'"

Don't expect a resolution to the name issue anytime soon: Manheim's busy Practice schedule barely leaves her time to remember her own name, never mind come up with one for her son. As the actress explains, being with child is hardly affording her special treatment on the set. "I wish it were," she smiles. "[Co-star] Kelli Williams is going to have a baby, too, and they're still working us so hard. I'm like, 'Wait a second, we're pregnant. Give us a break.' They're just trying to squeeze everything out of us they can before we head to the hospital."