That's right red-carpet lovers, Cameron Diaz has returned to her glowingly fabulous self and leaves her dark 'do behind with Justin Timberlake. I kid. Cam has told many a wonderer that the two are on good terms. But pish posh, breakup schmakup, the Shrek 3 star fights back in this adorable pink number and moves on with a refreshed look.

Word on the street, er, strip is that Diaz is now linked with illusionist Criss Angel (please see my previous post for all things magically Angel), as they dined and partied in Las Vegas this past week. (A special thanks to my dear friend, Allie, who alerted me just as she heard the buzz around this alleged couple just to make sure I was in tune to my favorite Mindfreak's status.) Now, that's a relationship that seems to fit. They're both a little weird in a laid-back-but-entertaining way, right? Nevertheless, the long-legged actress shines again. Just remain aware around your new man, Cam, he tends to pull a trick from time to time.