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Apparently it wasn't always sunny for one The O.C. star. Cam Gigandet, who played Kevin Volchok on the Fox teen drama, had some choice words for his former co-stars in a recent interview.

Gigandet, who also starred in Twilight and Burlesque, was asked by Elle magazine if he ever stayed in touch with his co-workers from The O.C. His honest reply isn't open to interpretation.

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"No. Actually, Ben McKenzie was kind of mean to me," he said. "I hadn't done anything at the point and he was a little bit of an ass. But I love him. I think he's a great actor and I love Southland." McKenzie starred in the TNT cop drama for all five of its seasons.

When asked about Mischa Barton, Gigandet was dismissive. "Mischa? I didn't really... was she there? I don't even have memories of her."

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It sounds like Gigandet's whole experience on the show was a drag. "I learned a lot," he said of being on the series. "But the things that I remember now—none of them are good. It was only the third or fourth season. Those kids were f---ing miserable. They were just—they would not remember their lines on purpose. They were young. That said, I don't talk to anyone I've ever worked with."

Gigandet can next be seen in CBS' upcoming legal drama Reckless, which premieres Sunday at 9/8c.

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