David Duchovny and Carla Gugino, <i>Californication</i> David Duchovny and Carla Gugino, Californication

Now that Californication's Hank Moody has been convicted of statutory rape, it's time for him to face the music.

Sunday's season finale (9/8c on Showtime) finds Hank (David Duchovny) awaiting his sentencing, and the outcome floors him. But you shouldn't necessarily expect the show's next season to resemble Oz.

With Hank's secret revealed, how much Californication is left?

"The consequences were never about the true legal repercussions," creator and executive producer Tom Kapinos

tells TVGuide.com. "[It was about] getting to such a low point in his behavior, resulting in the loss of his family in a big way. It forever affected his relationship with Karen [Natascha McElhone], his daughter [Madeleine Martin], and it affected his profession. It was always about kind of putting him on trial and taking him to rock bottom and then just watching him get up again."As such, expect the legal aspects of the finale to be wrapped up in the opening scene. The rest of the episode is dedicated to perhaps the wildest, most demented dinner party ever seen on TV. (Seriously, there's vomit and a stabbing, among other things.) But as usual, the show settles into some heartfelt dramatic moments before wrapping up."We're sort of putting the scandal behind us," Kapinos says. "I didn't want to make a big deal out the legal stuff because really this is about this chapter ending and Hank, in a sense, letting go of everything we've seen up until now in the series."

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Does Hank's letting go involve him pursuing a more serious relationship with his lawyer, Abby (guest star Carla Gugino)? Kapinos isn't ruling anything out. "Hank is the one who would rather keep pursuing the ghost of this dead relationship instead of sort of going after something real," Kapinos says. "In the finale, Abby calls him on that and presents herself as a viable alternative. She represents a road he could have gone down."He's been in pursuit of Karen for four seasons," Kapinos continues. "I feel like this episode is about a bittersweet letting go of that and realizing that sometimes when you finally surrender and let go, good things start to happen."Californication's fourth season finale airs at 9/8c on Showtime.