Sunday night on international television, Lindsay Miller, a 22-year-old California native, appeared alongside the biggest film stars in the world - in the nude. As the winner of a Dove contest that called for real people to submit homemade commercials about real beauty, Miller had her 30-second spot introduced by Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez during the Academy Awards telecast. The ad featured the recent college grad and aspiring film editor singing and dancing in the shower - a bold endeavor, considering she was sudsing up in front of many millions of viewers. "I probably thought it wouldn't get to the point where a good portion of America was seeing it all at once, and that it wouldn't make it any farther than my video camera," Miller admits. "But now that it has, I'm thrilled for what it represents." To see the contest's top 10 ads, go to - Reporting by Rebecca Paley