Once upon a time, Paul Hogan's closest brush with fame was being confused with the star of Crocodile Dundee. However, since being pressed into service by the Fox hit Joe Millionaire, the merry old Englishman — not to mention his deceitful employer, noufaux riche playboy Evan Marriott — has become a bona fide celebrity. Naturally, now we want to know all about them. But would the genial major-domo tell tales on the erstwhile construction worker and sometime underwear model? Intent on finding out, TV Guide Online got Hogan on the horn, and guess what — the butler did it!
TV Guide Online: How did a fine, upstanding gent like yourself get involved in a project like this?
Paul Hogan:
Just luck, mate. A couple of months ago, I was between jobs, and the president [of the stewards guild] called me up and said, "We've got this gig over in France — a reality program with 20-odd young women. A couple of old chaps have got money, and they want someone to run the chateau." I had nothing to do at the time, so it sounded like a wonderful idea.

TVGO: What was your first impression of your "boss," Evan? He hardly seems like a guy who'd have a tough time getting a date.
(Laughs) I was a bit surprised. I thought to myself, "This is an unusual way to go about finding a mate," especially for a young bloke. Then again, I thought, "Maybe he's having trouble meeting sincere people." This is certainly an interesting way of going about it. There's the Internet, there's bars...

TVGO: ... and God bless 'em, there's Fox. Let's talk about Evan's etiquette training. How did he really do?
He was a pretty good student, quick on the uptake. Everybody's got sort of a dream about going to live in a French chateau and eating fine food and drinking fine wine and living the life of the rich and famous, but with that [fantasy], so you can enjoy it, comes the necessity of learning how to enjoy it. The tricks of the trade, so to speak. It's not difficult, it's just a matter of being exposed to it, which a lot of people these days aren't. So we exposed him to it.

TVGO: Nine out of 10 of the ladies wouldn't have noticed if he'd used his salad fork on his shrimp cocktail, anyway, right?
Exactly. And to be perfectly honest, I've seen that happen time and time again. But if you have an attentive staff, they'll notice that and make sure that a replacement fork is put back there. If you've got all these eating irons in front of you and you get to the end and discover that you're left with one knife and no fork, that can be a bit embarrassing, especially if [you get served] a great big steak!

TVGO: Been there. Although Evan went through an extensive tutorial in wine selection, theoretically, if he had millions of dollars, wouldn't that buy him the right to just crack open a Pabst Blue Ribbon if he likes?
Of course. If he wants to have a beer, he can have a beer. And he did have a beer. He drinks quite a bit of it! (Laughs) I didn't mean that derogatorily. He just enjoys his beer.

TVGO: I'd need a good six-pack, too, to hang with some of those, um, ladies. What did you make of Evan's would-be wives?
Every time we had an elimination, I was having bets with the camera crew. I didn't do too badly either, actually. After the initial chop, I was pretty spot on. There were a couple of girls that I really got on well with. They were great kids — a lot closer to my daughter's age than mine. But there were a couple who had really nice, sweet personalities, as you'll see as the show progresses.

TVGO: C'mon, Jeeves, out with it! I want names! Did you take a butler's oath of silence, or what?
No, they're not forbidding me from saying anything, but I don't want to ruin the show for anyone.

TVGO: Oh, fine. Tell me this, then — did any of the women pump you for information about Evan?
They were very friendly, but they were a little bit reluctant to come to me. They knew that I had Evan's ear, and also, they weren't too sure whether I was part of the production crew or not.

TVGO: Just as well. I'm sure they would have found out pretty fast how tight-lipped you can be.
: (Laughs) Yes. Exactly.

TVGO: Some of the women seemed rather frighteningly aggressive. Of course, I won't mention any names — and I especially won't mention Heidi, Heidi, Heidi!
She's a keeper, that one, isn't she! (Laughs) As far as she's concerned, I think you'll enjoy tonight's show (airing at 9 pm/ET).