Where Was Renfro? Following the Oscars' montage of actors who died this past year, audiences asked why Brad Renfro (who on Jan. 15 died of an overdose) was not included. "It was really an editing decision, because we can't fit everyone in," a rep for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences said Monday. Being even more vague, he added, "There was no specific reason."

What Was Gary Busey Thinking? Having become a part of red-carpet history by accosting Jennifer Garner's neck, Busey hardly explained himself on Ryan Seacrest's Monday radio show, telling E!'s pre-show emcee, "I was trying to pay you a compliment, but I didn't realize you were in the middle of an interview." Busey's rep tells PageSix.com, "Thank god for Gary spicing things up! [He] is a good ol' Southern boy with a big personality." Watch and discuss a video of the incident here. Where Was Ben? While his wife's neck met Busey's lips, Ben Affleck was conspicuously MIA, this despite his brother Casey and Amy Ryan (whom Affleck directed in Gone Baby Gone) being up for Oscars. The story is that Ben was busy taping a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, for an appearance that has since wowed the viral video crowd. Why Was Whoopi Snubbed? A montage of past Oscar hosts omitted Whoopi Goldberg, the only African-American and the only (solo) woman to ever oversee the kudoscast. The Academy has yet to vouch for the gaffe, leaving Whoopi to lament her diss on The View. "Undoubtedly, I pi--ed somebody off yet again," Goldberg said Monday on the talker, appearing visibly upset. Oscars producer Gil Cates apologized Tuesday, saying the omission was "an absolute oversight." He went on: "No harm was intended, and I feel very, very badly that she was left out." He added, however, that "basically, that was not a montage about hosts."