Jeffrey Donovan, <i>Burn Notice</i> Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice

After two seasons of looking for answers, Burn Notice's Michael Westen will finally come face-to-face with the person who promptly ended his career as a spy.

"The person who burned me, you're actually going to meet in the season finale [Thursday at 10 pm/ET, USA]," star Jeffrey Donovan said. "And he's going to have answers that will only satisfy people halfway. Dealing with any kind of covert organization, they can't ever spill the beans totally."

And the perils are aplenty. After capturing Victor, the agent who's been trying to kill Michael, Westen learns more about Victor's past — and who he's working for. With more agents moving in and faced with no other choice, the two team up to put an end to this headache. And, naturally, lots of gunfire, explosions and car crashes ensue.

But how does Michael's handler Carla (Tricia Helfer) fit into all this? "It's no surprise that Carla and Michael were going to eventually be in each other's crosshairs," Donovan said. "And in the final episode that literally happens. She has powers above her that control her and she basically relies on Michael to save her butt at the end. But it doesn't go as well as expected for her."

So with perhaps two loose ends tied up by the end of the episode, what's there to look forward to in Season 3? Not love for Michael and Fiona. "We love exploring the kind of push-pull attraction that we have for one another, but I think you'll probably see more of Michael and Fiona trying not to be together," Donovan said. "You're going to see people from Michael and Fiona's past come back into their lives.

"And that's what Season 3 is going to really focus on — who in [Michael's] past is a threat to his livelihood," Donovan said. "Though Michael does find out who burns him, it doesn't release him from the perils of his career choice."