On last week's episode of Bull, we met Benny's (Freddy Rodriguez) former flame Amanda - for whom he still, apparently, carries a torch. But what about Dr. Bull's (Michael Weatherly) ex-wife? Will we ever get to meet her?

The answer is yes, and soon. We've heard that the show is currently in the process of casting the former Mrs. Bull - and eyeing an actress who's going to make fans "very excited."

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Not only that, but we'll get to hear the full story of what drove her and Jason apart. In case you've forgotten, Bull and Benny are brothers-in-law, and clearly Benny hasn't taken his sister's side in the split. "We have a joke, and that is that, in the divorce, Bull got me," Rodriguez tells TVGuide.com about his character. "I was part of the divorce and I sided with him."

Whether Bull and his ex are on good terms, though, remains to be seen. "It's somewhat amicable," Rodriguez teases.

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