In the series premiere of Bull, only one person was able to crack Jason Bull's (Michael Weatherly) tough exterior: enigmatic juror Bess Johnson (Samantha Jones).

With one simple question ("How do you catch a cold?"), Bull identified Bess as the key juror in case being tried in the series premiere, believing her own guilt about being a single parent will prompt her to deliver a "not guilty" verdict for Brandon, who also had an absent father.

But Bull didn't realize that Bess — and all jurors — are more than just open books to be read. And she called him out on it at the end of the episode, accusing Bull of analyzing other people in order to cover up his own pain.

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So, will we see Bess return - if not as a juror, then perhaps as Bull's confidante / armchair therapist?

"She has not reappeared yet, but that's not to say that she couldn't or wouldn't," Weatherly told last week, when the show was in the middle of shooting Episode 5. "I think this is a show that is capable of doing lots of callbacks to previous appearances, and it's a show that will have a collective history because it's so interesting.

"But I think Bess was a really important person in that premiere, because she showed us that Bull was not the guy who had everything figured out. She says, 'You need to stop trying to figure people out.' It's like, 'Put down the weapon.'"

Bull airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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