The CBS freshman drama Bull hasn't formally announced its second season, but its strong showing -- even up against This Is Us — has meant a near-certain renewal. With the first batch of 22 episodes winding down, Bull is already gearing up for the next go round, with a new showrunner coming on board to steer the beast into Season 2.

Deadline reports that Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting, Medium and Now And Again, has joined Bull immediately as consultant; he'll serve as executive producer and showrunner going into the potential Season 2, making it the first time he's taken over an existing series. The current head, Mark Goffman, will continue as executive producer and showrunner for the rest of the current season, after which he will transition to develop other projects at the network.

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Inspired by the early days of Dr. Phil's career, Bull stars Michael Weatherly as the charismatic Doctor Jason Bull who mixes psychology, intuition and data to win over attorneys, jurors, witnesses and more.

Bull airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)