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Bull: Brad Garrett Previews "Duking it Out" with Jason Bull

This week, Bull becomes the defendant in a case

Keisha Hatchett

Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) undergoes a role reversal in Tuesday's Bullwhen he finds himself the defendant in a case.

When the genius trial expert is counseling a famous actress about her international adoption woes, Bull's advice to his client backfires, leading to a very serious custody battle. Unhappy with this result, the actress turns around and sues Bull for his part in her legal troubles.

Bull is then forced to bring in his own brilliant, but down-and-out lawyer Ron Getman (guest star Brad Garret) to represent him on the case and help bail him out of the sticky situation.

TV Guide caught up with Garrett to learn what it was like having to advise the ultimate advisor and what Ron really thinks of Dr. Jason Bull.

Michael Weatherly, Brad Garrett, Bull

Michael Weatherly, Brad Garrett, Bull

John Paul Filo, CBS

How does it feel to join the Bull family?
Brad Garrett:
I really had a great time. It's just a wonderful show and any of the light that Michael Weatherly can throw my way, I'm very open to that. I try to stand in his light so he's not so good looking.

How would you best describe Ron Getman?
Garrett: He's kind of an eccentric guy. He's been practicing law his own way, maybe not too conventional. I think he never really got his calling to be as good as an attorney as maybe he had hoped. But he plays by his own rules and I think he's the type of attorney who's a man's man. He suffers no fools and does it his way and I think that's what [Bull] really needed in this episode, was someone to try to control him, which obviously is not easy to do.

How does he feel about being the one to reign Bull in while handling this high-profile case?
Garrett: I think deep down, he's probably a guy that may feel a little out of his league. Maybe because he feels that ship has sailed in terms of really becoming a big-time attorney. He's at a point in his life where it's gonna be his way or the highway, which is kind of like what Michael's character is. You've got these two alpha males kind of duking it out and I think my character really welcomes it, because at this point in his life, he's got nothing to lose.

Do you think he's smarter than Bull?
Garrett: No one is smarter than Bull! But they have a very different dynamic, which I think compliments each other and I think you see that right away. Ron is very old school. He's a scrappy type of lawyer whereas [Bull]... I think he's uses the recent technology and his psychological training and everything else to hit a level of intelligence as far as reading a jury. That's his thing. I don't know if Ron really has that much time to read a jury as much as just go in there and try to turn things his way. He's an intimidating character but he knows his stuff. But is he smarter than Bull? Oh gosh, no. Nor is he prettier.

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What is Ron's first impression of Bull and how does that change over the course of the trial?
Garrett: I think Ron's impression of most people out the gate is that [they] don't really know what they're doing. I think that Ron looks at Bull... I'm sure there's a little jealousy. I'm sure Ron looks at his business and his success and there's some envy going on with that. But I think that Ron also knows that [he] came up the tough way. [He] came up old school. [He] may not have all the computers and all the machines, but if [he has] to go toe-to-toe with the defendant or with another prosecutor, I think he could bring a lot of confidence and a street sense. When he looks at Bull, he's a very intelligent man but there's really no street sense there and we came up very differently.

Once the case is done, will we be seeing more of Ron anytime soon?
Garrett: I don't know. It would be fun. I think he brings a very different dynamic to the show, but the show's a big hit and who knows what they're gonna want to do. But Ron will be at the deli if they need him.

Bull airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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