The USA Network movie Beer Money (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET) probably won't do for Mercedes McNab what, say, American Beauty did for Mena Suvari. But the comedy about a trio of burnouts who exploit an extraterrestrial to earn the title dough still might expose the Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star to a few new fans.

"It's Tom Green-type humor," she tells TV Guide Online somewhat apologetically. "Fourteen-year-old boys who like gross-out humor will think it's hysterical. That's definitely the target audience.

"I don't find that kind of humor funny," she adds.

Still, it was worth McNab's while to make Beer Money. For starters, she got to hang with leading men Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Nick Von Esmarch. "I definitely got voted into the guy group," she recalls fondly. "We played Sega in their trailers all day."

Plus, the movie was shot on the Vancouver native's home turf. "So," she notes, "it was a good opportunity for me to visit my family and spend some time there."

Finally, Beer Money presented the ex-child actress (seen in both Addams Family features) with a unique challenge. "You'd be trying to have a conversation with the alien, and you'd hear all the motors inside the suit making the eyes and the mouth move," she reveals. "At first, it was really frustrating. I'd never had to deal with that before — on Buffy, all the monsters are real people.

"But," she concludes, "once I got used to it, it was fine."