Guys, drop all of your weekend plans immediately. You're going to be too busy binge-watching to do anything.

Facebook announced Friday it is now streaming Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its spin-off Angel and the sci-fi cult favorite Firefly (also known as Joss Whedon's Holy Trinity) on Facebook Watch — for free! That's right, U.S. users can watch all of these shows totally free starting Friday, Nov. 30, under a licensing pact with 20th Century Fox Television. Facebook has created pages to watch the series, so you can binge Buffy here, adore Angel here and freak out over Firefly here.

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After all the rough PR that Facebook has been getting recently (sorry, that "we'll be more careful about cyber security, we promise!" ad you put out didn't fool anyone), this move might stand a chance of getting a few more people back on Facebook's side. If only because Whedon fans are a loyal bunch.

Happy bingeing, Whedonites!

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