Bryan Ferry and Amanda Sheppard Bryan Ferry and Amanda Sheppard

Future family get-togethers might be a little awkward for the Perry family.

British pop singer Bryan Ferry, 66, has married 29-year-old Amanda Shepperd, who once dated his son, Isaac, The UK Daily Mail reports.

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The May-December couple walked down the aisle on the beach at the Amanyara resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands last week. "I was worried that my sons would think it a bit, well, uncool," Ferry told the Mail. "But they actually think I am rather supercool!'

Ferry, known for singing with Roxy Music, has a history with ladies several decades his junior. After splitting from his first wife, Lucy Helmore, he dated dancer Katie Turner, who was 35 years younger than him at the time.

"The interesting thing is — and I don't want to say the wrong thing in case I get into trouble with my girlfriend — you never really meet people your own age who aren't married," Ferry told the Mail On Sunday's Live magazine last year.

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"I'm very fortunate that I work in music, where you're in touch with different age groups, either the audience or people you work with. It does help," he continued. "Obviously I'm not ageist!"

Ferry has four sons with Helmore. Isaac, 26, is joined by Otis, 29, Tara, 21, and Merlin, 20.