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Bryan Cranston Made Jerry Seinfeld Laugh Once

Seinfeld's dentist shares an old Jerry story in this exclusive Talking with Chris Hardwick clip

Liam Mathews

Back in the '90s, long before he was Breaking Bad's Walter White, Bryan Cranston was Dr. Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, Jerry's debauched dentist. He appeared in five episodes, including stone-cold classics like the one where George wants him to look at Jon Voight's pencil and the one where Kramer coins the term "anti-dentite." But the really memorable one for him was the one where he made Jerry Seinfeld laugh.

TV Guide has the exclusive clip of Cranston reminiscing with Chris Hardwick on Talking. Cranston -- who's really one of Hollywood's great raconteurs -- told a story from when they were shooting "The Jimmy" about how a guy doing the lighting on set suggested that it would be funny if he pretended to take a hit of laughing gas before he puts the mask on Jerry. Cranston was like "yeah, good idea," so he tried it while they were shooting, and it cracked Jerry up, and Jerry's not an easy laugh. Larry David, who doesn't laugh at all but recognizes when things are funny, was like "that's funny, do that again. Jerry, don't laugh this time." But it was so funny that Jerry laughed again.

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When they asked him what give him the idea to do that, he credited the lighting guy, and to find out the lighting guy's priceless reaction, well, you're just gonna have to watch the video.

For more stories from Bryan Cranston's amazing career, tune in to Talking with Chris Hardwick Sunday, Aug. 6 at 11/10c on AMC.