Bruce Willis showed up on That '70s Show as a sleazy guy who was the head of security at a strip club. Kelso got his dream job there, but I couldnt help but think about how

My Name Is Earls Joy thought that maybe Demi and Bruce still slept together and didnt tell Ashton. That was really the only thing in this whole episode that made me giggle while I was watching Bruces pervy character watching the strippers in the shower.... And it was more titillating boys'-club humor on Stacked, with girls jumping up and down and touching each other's breast implants when Jenny McCarthy showed up. The slightly less buxom blonde was a gold digger marrying a really elderly gentleman. Which prompted a bunch of old-timer jokes, my favorite of which being Katrinas comment, Where do you suppose they are registered Bed, Bath and the Great Beyond?... I also watched Freddie just had to see the conclusion of this nail-biting two-part episode (that's sarcasm if you can't tell). Seriously, not enough Brian Austin Green and not enough with the funny. Even watching Freddie be unlucky in love just seemed sad rather than entertaining. Glad that the two friends have reconciled and stopped fighting over the same girl, because the only time I laughed was at the end when Freddie said that he thought Rachel had been the one, and BAG just shook his head and said, "I got nothin'." AC

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