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Gilles Marini is not a fan of the waiting game. So it's not a good time for the actor, who is awaiting the fate of Brothers & Sisters, which he joined as a regular at the beginning of the season.

"It's not easy to wait," Marini tells "Hopefully we have the chance to come back."

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The series, now in its fifth season, was picked up last year, but for a reduced order of 18 episodes and with a trimmed cast (so long, Harper family!).  Although ABC eventually ordered four more episodes, Brothers and Sisters was not among the six shows ABC already picked up for the 2011-2012 fall schedule. And the drama's viewership has dropped from a Season 1 average of 12.2 million to a current Season 5 average of 8.17 million.

Still, Marini is keeping the faith. "We are very much self-sufficient. We have a large, mass fan base that have been watching the show since Day 1 and keep watching and because of them, we survived so many years," he says. "It's very difficult these days to keep a show alive. ... I don't think there was any hit on TV this season."

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Even if the show is not renewed, Marini just hopes that Brothers & Sisters is given enough notice for a proper farewell. "I just pray for having someone out there to say we're going to end on [on a certain] note. Because that makes you end on a beautiful note," he says. "Everybody should have the chance to watch something they love and finish it the way it should be."

In the meantime, Marini says the show has plenty lined up for the end of the season, including a "powerful" storyline involving guest star Beau Bridges playing Nora' long-lost love, Brody. "We are also having our little wedding," he teases. "My character, Luc, and Sarah Walker [Rachel Griffiths], are moving towards their wedding. Hopefully it works out."

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Brothers & Sisters airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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