It's official: Gina Linetti Spaghetti Confetti (Chelsea Peretti), the ultimate human/genius, has left Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Thursday's episode, aptly titled "Four Movements", bid farewell to the legendary assistant in grand fashion with a huge party, an undercover operation and a heartfelt goodbye message. Although she's scheduled to return later this season, this marks her final appearance as a series regular.

Convinced by her childhood friend Jake (Andy Samberg) that her talents were being wasted as an assistant, Gina decided it was time to move on and called a meeting to make the big announcement. Accompanied by a gymnast and four dancers decked out in gold bodysuits, she slipped her two-week notice to Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and then graced the team with a special interpretive dance consisting of four movements that represent the different aspects of her personality — each lasting 45 minutes. She's a woman of multitudes, after all.

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However, Gina wasn't about to leave her Nine-Nine family empty-handed. Her parting gifts included customized "Time for Gina's Opinion" hoodies with their misspelled names in small print on the front, and a promise to leave everyone with a signature Gina moment that would be "something so shocking that it will stay with you for the rest of your lives." Oh, Gina, never change.

Those "Gina moments" included teaching Captain Holt how to trash talk, encouraging Amy (Melissa Fumero) to be herself, getting Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) to feel her feelings, and gifting Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) with the coveted "Boyle Family Mother Dough Starter." Plus, she teamed up with Jake to infiltrate an exclusive boutique hotel disguised as bratty wealthy siblings in an effort to convince Mario Lopez to attend Gina-palooza, her official going away celebration. (Side note: Andy Samberg saying "Daddy" in that affected tone is my new ringtone.)

However, her "Gina moment" to Jake may have been the sweetest of all. When Lopez showed up at her party, Gina turned him away --gasp — but only to make a very important point to her longtime bud. She wanted Jake to realize that she didn't need a celebrity or a fancy party at a huge venue in order to say goodbye. Despite her larger-than-life personality, what she really wanted was to hang out with her friends at Shaw's Bar, have a few drinks and laugh at Charles playing with devil sticks.

Just when the reality of her leaving started to kick in, Nine-Nine toyed with the idea of her staying. Days after her scheduled exit, Gina kept showing up at the office with random excuses like making sure Holt knew her filing system or that she was cleansing the office with sage. It looked like she was having second thoughts and might actually decide to stay. But then, she was gone. Leaving a golden statue of herself texting so they'll never forget her, Gina bid farewell via a heartfelt video message. It turns out that she had no doubts about her future and stayed longer due to shipping mishap with the statue.

"I didn't doubt myself for one second. I'm more confident now than I've ever been," she said in the video, noting that her Gina moment to Terry (Terry Crews) was a subscription to an international yogurt of the month club. "I hope [the statue] reminds you of me and I'm gonna miss you. I'll hold now for a five-minute applause break."

But leave it to Jake to perfectly encapsulate the mood of the room. "This feels right," he said.

It was the perfect send-off for a truly remarkable person (who also happens to be the human embodiment of the one hundred emoji). Farewell for now, Gina.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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