Brooke Smith on <I>Grey's Anatomy</i> Brooke Smith on Grey's Anatomy

With her role on Grey's Anatomy having come to an abrupt end, Brooke Smith can only wonder where her lesbian doctor ran off to after dressing down gal pal Callie in the hospital parking lot in the ABC series' Nov. 6 episode.

"I like to imagine that Dr. Hahn is at a hospital that appreciates her," the actress told at the Trevor Project's annual Cracked Xmas Gala. "That maybe [Seattle Grace] wasn't the right place for her."

Smith found herself in an unfamiliar place because of her headline-making release from Grey's — that is, at the heart of a pop culture maelstrom. "I've never [lost a job] before this, and I hadn't gotten media attention like this before," she marvels. "But when you're on a popular TV show and you're in people's houses every week [it's understandable]."

Rather than look back too much, Smith is looking forward, namely to a brand-new partnership with the creator of Deadwood. "I'm working on something right now and I love it — I'm writing and collaborating with David Milch on a project," she shares. "It's been very fulfilling."