Brook Shields Brook Shields

An "amazed" Brooke Shields says she has trouble understanding all the attention surrounding claims that Kiefer Sutherland head-butted a fashion designer.

"I'm always amazed when events, in any kind, become the most important news event when there are so many other things, really, to talk about," Shields tells Entertainment Tonight. "The fact that [photographers are] camped outside my house — I can't quite justify it. They're following my daughter to school. These are things I can't quite reconcile in my brain."

Sutherland was charged with third-degree assault last week after Jack McCollough accused the actor of head-butting him at a party during a dispute involving Shields. Witnesses have said McCollough pushed Sutherland when the 24 star demanded he apologize for bumping into Shields, and that Sutherland responded with a head-butt.

Shields declined to comment further on the ongoing investigation. "We've all sort of gotten our own individual attorneys and now we're all sort of sworn to not say anything," she tells ET.

Earlier this week, Shields' attorney released a statement saying McCollough bumped into her, causing Sutherland to become concerned. "Kiefer has always been a gentleman in her company. Both Jack and Kiefer are friends of Ms. Shields and she regrets this unfortunate situation," the statement read.

Sutherland's attorney has denied any wrongdoing by his client, who has been released from custody and must return for a court hearing.