Brooke Shields by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/ Brooke Shields by Duffy-Marie Arnoult/
Brooke Shields may be the model of decorum, but her mother is letting loose about her views on her star daughter in an upcoming interview, MSNBC reports. While Teri Shields was already a controversial figure in the 1970s and '80s, she's now reprising her role with a tell-all interview in the

National Enquirer. In the piece, she expresses disappointment with her daughter, their relationship and with Brooke's husband, Chris Henchy. "I wish I could see Brooke," Teri says, "but all she does is work.... But (she) always makes time to visit her friends, no matter how busy she is." Teri also blames Henchy for his effect on Brooke's behavior. "I'm often disappointed in [Brooke]," Teri says in the interview, "like the times she snaps: 'What do you ever do for me?' That's what her husband tells her to say." Making the point further, she added, "I preferred Brooke's first husband, Andre Agassi, over Chris." No comment yet from the Lipstick Jungle star - but she's probably too busy with work. - Anna Dimond