Why is Brooke Burke wearing tights? Might I remind you, Brookey, that ratings aren't exactly as high as the front row of a Phish concert? And after Tuesday's micromini peep show, I was expecting more of the same. Instead, I had to settle for some suspect mathematics, as Brooke explained how two extra rockers were in the bottom three. Um, wouldn't that make it the bottom five? Fortunately, Ty's encore of "No Woman, No Cry" checked my head and had me scouring my CD collection for Bob Marley's Legend, a record that has passed through nearly every dorm room in the country.

I'm not sure the same will be true for INXS' next album, regardless of who's fronting the band. I don't think Brandon, Suzie or Jessica will have to worry about that, though. Yes, Suzie and Jess may have been granted a reprieve this time, but I give them three more weeks, tops. As for Brando, I guess forgetting the words to "Don't Lose Your Head" cost him his. But he shouldn't be too crestfallen. With those Southern-suited pipes, Brando could eventually be a contender. He could be somebody.