Matthew Broderick has earned big kudos (including a Tony Award) for his role in Broadway's The Producers, which he'll soon do on the big screen. But lately, he's mostly been thought of as Mr. Sarah Jessica Parker. On Friday, he debuts in The Stepford Wives, wherein his character tries to turn his high-powered executive spouse (Nicole Kidman) into a '50s-style robo-blonde who'll cater to his every whim. Has Broderick ever wished he could do that to SJP in real life?

"[Sarah's] extremely successful and mega-powerful," he laughed at the recent Stepford press junket in Manhattan. "She could destroy this whole hotel just by looking at it! But so far, I feel perfectly safe around her."

So, no brainwashing necessary, Matt? "There is nothing that I would change about her," he insists. "She is not very Stepford-like, but she is old-fashioned in some ways. She likes cooking and homemaking — when she has time for it."

While Parker may not be destined for world domination, she is apparently responsible for his newest TV guilty pleasure. "Somebody — not me — typed The Swan into the TiVo, so that is how I happened across that," he blushes. "I love watching The Swan, but I'm very ashamed of it. It is hard to not think of the show as close to [The Stepford Wives], with people getting cut up to look a certain way."

Clearly hoping to redeem himself, Broderick reassures us he's not just a reality TV watcher. "I love The Sopranos," he enthuses. "It is a wonderful show. I can't believe how good that show is. I love it even more than The Swan."