Matthew Broderick Matthew Broderick

The big game is still six days away, and some of the Super Bowl's advertisers are already flaunting their pricey commercials early online.

As first teased last week, Matthew Broderick will reprise his iconic role as Ferris Bueller (kind of) to hype the Honda CR-V. In the clip, Broderick plays hooky from an acting gig by faking sick and riding around town in the SUV. The ad is full of nods to the 1986 John Hughes classic including a trip to the museum (the National History Museum instead of The Art Institute), a big sporting event (horse racing instead of baseball) and another parade.

VIDEO: Ferris lives! Matthew Broderick reprises iconic role for Super Bowl ad

In Acura's ad, Jerry Seinfeld pulls out the stops (from the Soup Nazi and an alien to sock puppets) to be first in line for an Acura NSX. But just when Seinfeld think he's got it in the bag — thanks to his personal network of Manhattan zip lines — Jay Leno comes swooping in, literally, and blows the competition away.

Watch Broderick do his best Bueller for Honda:

And watch Seinfeld and Leno go head-to-head for Acura:

Which ad do you like better?