Actor Fred Weller is comfortable with his body. In fact, he has no problem doing nude scenes eight shows a week in Broadway's Take Me Out. So what could turn this hunk into a self-conscious wreck? Hollywood, of course!

"All I know is, when I'm in Los Angeles, after three weeks, I start to feel like I should be going to the gym twice a day," he tells TV Guide Online. "No one tells me to, but I start to get the feeling that I should."

Weller currently co-stars with Friends thesp Paul Rudd and The Mummy's Rachel Weisz in The Shape of Things (opening tomorrow). The Neil LaBute film explores how pressure from society — and sometimes even from our loved ones — drives the need to alter our looks.

"People, when they're in a relationship, impose their taste on each other to some degree," Weller says. "One of the questions this film provokes is: When is it too far? I'm more aware when it's going on, and when I'm doing it. I think it's made me a better boyfriend."

That's a good thing, since the New Orleans native is tying the knot with actress Ali Marsh in September. For now, however, the only thing Weller is manipulating is their gift registry. "We're thinking about Bed, Bath and Beyond," he grins, "because we heard you can return things for cash."