Broad City is officially winding down.

Comedy Central announced Thursday that the upcoming fifth season will be the final season of the Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer comedy. The new episodes will air in 2019, more than a year after Season 4 finished its run.

"Broad City has been our baby and first love for almost 10 years, since we started as a web series. It's been a phenomenal experience, and we've put ourselves into it completely," Glazer and Jacobson said in a joint statement. "Broad City's always had a spontaneous pace and feeling, and ending after season five honors that spirit. We are very excited to bring new voices and points of view to Comedy Central and continue our collaboration together in new ways."

A League of Their Own TV Show Is in the Works

Don't be too sad, though. The comedians have signed a first-look deal with Comedy Central's parent company Viacom. That means that Viacom gets first peek at any projects Jacobson and Glazer write or produce, either together or separately, to bring to series. Three new projects have already gone into development thanks to the deal. Mall Town USA and Young Professionals will be executive produced by the two women with Glazer also bringing Platinum Status to the table. Neither Glazer or Jacobson will star in these projects, but Viacom is open to them bringing another starring project, according The Hollywood Reporter.

Jacobson is also co-writing A League of Their Own pilot for Amazon, which could also make its way to series.

Broad City returns for one last run in 2019.