Aml Ameen and Brittany Snow Aml Ameen and Brittany Snow

What could possibly complicate matters in a law firm that is run out of a shoe store? A good old office romance, says Harry's Law star Brittany Snow.

"Malcolm (Aml Ameen) and I, we have a love situation, and it kind of gets [mixed] into the work," Snow told TV Guide Magazine at the Rock & Republic/Love is Louder T-shirt launch on February 15. But not everyone's excited about the new love connection. "Harry, Kathy Bates' character, isn't too fond of that happening, so there's a little bit of friction there."

In other romance news, Jordana Spiro will also return to the show before season's end, as the ex-girlfriend of Nate Corddry's character, Adam. "She's a great guest star," says Snow. "We've had some amazing guest stars who play the smallest parts. It's been incredible to work with them."

In fact, after wrapping the first season three weeks ago, the cast is now eagerly awaiting word on a pick-up for Season 2, and their hopes are high. "I think everybody loves this show and people are taking to it really well, so I've been really excited about that," says Snow, who admits waiting for the verdict is nerve wracking. "You never know, because it's TV. But I feel like it's positive."

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