Britney Spears by Toby Canham/Getty Images Britney Spears by Toby Canham/Getty Images
Britney Spears' ongoing struggle with her health continues to evolve as legal matters are attended to and the presiding commissioner has laid down the law: " At a Monday hearing to discuss the management of Spears' financial affairs during her treatment, her father's temporary co-control with lawyer Andrew Wallet was extended to Feb. 14. In addition, the court's commissioner dismissed Andrew Streisand from representing Britney and appointed a doctor to evaluate the star's ability to make decisions. Streisand said he was appearing as Brit's counsel, and asserted that Jamie Spears was only causing her agitation. Further, the commish barred Brit from any contact with Sam Lutfi (including text messages!) and extended the restraining order that she had established on Friday. A court-appointed lawyer, meanwhile, spoke on Spears' behalf. He asserted that she "lacks the capacity to retain counsel" and that she "does not understand the nature of these proceedings." " Lawyers also arrived in court Monday for another custody hearing, but it was postponed until Feb. 19. The session was set up to discuss the possibility of Spears being allowed monitored visitation of her children, which would let her see them in a more "therapeutic setting." " On Sunday, a source told People that Britney's

initial 72-hour hospital stay has been extended to 14 days. " Spears' father Jamie and lawyer Andrew Wallet were given legal authority over her estate on Friday, as well as temporary authority over her finances. - Anna Dimond Watch TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411 (weeknights at 9 pm/ET) for more updates on Britney Spears. Related: " Britney's Dad Granted Control, Lutfi Kicked to Curb " Britney Hospitalized for Medical Evaluation, "Greatly Disabled" " Watch video: Britney's police escort to UCLA Medical Center " Manager Says Britney's Mental Problems Are Treatable " Britney Update: Visitation Still Denied " Report: Britney's Father Tried to Commit Her