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A Los Angeles judge dismissed claims of libel and breach-of-contract made by Britney Spears' former confidante and self-proclaimed manager Sam Lutfi against her parents, The Associated Press reports.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanna Bruguera said an attorney for Lufti failed to prove the allegations, which focused on events that occurred shortly before the singer's public meltdown in 2008.

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Lutfi had sued Lynne Spears, Britney's mom, for libel, and the singer's father, Jamie Spears, for allegedly hitting him at the singer's mansion in an incident that took place shortly before Jamie and others were granted conservatorship over Britney. Additionally, Lutfi also said he was owed a 15 percent share of singer's earnings from her 2007 album Blackout and other projects.

Lutfi failed to show he had a binding management agreement at the time, and an attorney for Britney's conservators also argued that even if an agreement existed, Lutfi obtained it through undue influence. In court, Lutfi also claimed that he received death threats after the publication of Lynne Spears' book, and said that experience made him depressed and suicidal.

Lutfi's suit dates back to 2009 — the same year that Spears' conservators obtained a restraining order against him to prevent Lutfi from contacting her.

Although Spears' parents sat through the entire trial, the singer and X Factor judge was prevented from attending proceedings by a probate judge who oversees her conservatorship.